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EXP-C Sliding


EXP-C Standard

“Nothing is impossible ...”

The versatility of a sliding system merge with a multi-rail option and  associating the high mechanical capacity to the possibility of sequential motorized openings of several sheets, allows the EXP-C Standard system to meet all technical and aesthetics demands imposed by architectural requirements.

 EXP-C Pocket

“Existence of ... or sometimes not ...”

When something essential needs to be hidden for a while, the EXP-C Pocket hides the window in the "pocket" of your house.

EXP-C Corner

“The range of nonexistence!”

The EXP-C Corner unleashes the glass corners of the heavy opaque structural parts, offering unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. The possibility of opening allows a freedom of movement, not only conceptual but also physical.

EXP-C Mosquito

“Idyllic scenery, smells of jasmine, mild temperatures, a refreshing breeze and ... “

Taking advantage of all the interaction that the EXPansion system allows with the surrounding of its refuge without the annoyance of the unpleasant insects is a great asset of the EXP-C Mosquito version that includes a barrier (translucent network) "anti mosquito".

EXP-C Curve

“ Yes, we can ...!”

The execution of sliding curve openings in glass, maximize the uniqueness in design and engineering of your design.
To this, we created the EXP-C Curve solution.